Why are Isopods sales suspended at this time?

Hi ‘pod fans!

Recently Isopod hobbyists were newly made aware that our little hobby is subject to permits from APHIS to continue operations. Isopods are a restricted critter under their purview.

Some of us, including myself, had asked in the past but had apparently not asked the right people.

Dr Carlos Blanco, one of the senior entomologists at the USDA, has provided information to point us Isopods keepers in the correct direction to begin the process with the PPQ526 APHIS permit. They have graciously given us the opportunity to get these permits now that we are aware of the issue.

As buyers be sure to ask if a seller has the PPQ526 for your state. Their state specific permit covers your purchase but if they do not have one, you must obtain one before you purchase from them.

Here at Steel Cut Collaborations we have submitted the applications for our home state of NY as well as all of the continental United States and DC. Now we must wait. The process is said to take up to 8 weeks. Our permit applications were submitted the second week of August.

As soon as the permits come through, if they come through, we will share the great news.

Keep your fingers crossed that it will soon be back to business as usual.

Oniscus asellus “albino” mancae shown on a cottonwood piece.

2 thoughts on “Why are Isopods sales suspended at this time?”

    1. Hi Beth,
      Since this blog post we have been approved to ship to all 50 states. Some state’s limit the types we are allowed but TN is not one of them. Please feel free to contact us!

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