Welcome Euarne, RIP clutchmate

The good news…

Friday night our newest crested gecko hatchling was hatched. Little “Euarne” produced from King Tut and Calypso weighed in at 1.74g.

The sad news…

A few hours after Euarne hatched out the clutchmate egg attempted hatching, only from the bottom of the egg so when it’s little nose poked out it went down into a puddle of its own egg fluids.  As soon as I discovered it I tried to dry its nostrils and tilted the egg slightly in hopes it was not too late, but it was not to be. I was too late and the little one did not revive.  These are the times when breeding animals is very sad. No matter the precautions, starting out with proper egg orientation, there are things we just cannot control. This was our first time losing an otherwise healthy egg. Even with knowing that these things happen, it’s very sad when they do.

More news…

This past week we have started pairing Cassen x Legato and King Tut x Jupiter in hopes for some late season eggs this fall.

The Isopods colonies are doing what they do.

The Death Feigning beetles seem to be liking their new set up as well.

Breakfast meeting of the Death Feigning council

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