Trichorina tomentosa

"Dwarf White"

Just slightly larger than the dwarf purple species, these little guys are a soil dwelling species that is not often very active.  They are rather lazy and tend to freeze when light hits them or when danger is near.  Often when receiving them for the first time people mistake the still specimens to be dead but if given time to sit they often come back to find the group has disappeared into the substrate.

T. tomentosa

More photos of these beautiful isopods coming soon.




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Specialized Care:

These guys like it pretty wet and well fed with easy to eat foods like spirulina and brewers yeast.


These are a great clean up crew for any species with a more damp substrate.

Their small size means they can hitch a ride on one's hand to other cultures and an ability to reproduce asexually as needed means that they will populate wherever they go.


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