The Latest, finally an update

Hello to all you lovers of the adorable things that go bump in the night!  This website has been neglected but with the Facebook animal sales ban the push is on to get cracking on increasing our own web presence.

So, what is happening?

First, we have added a page where there are available isopods and one with available crested geckos.  From there one can reach me by e-mail to ask questions and complete the purchase process. I can still answer general questions on care and keeping through facebook but sales will be completed through e-mail.

Facebook has banned all discussions that promote the sales of animals, including through private message.  This means that while one technically can find ways around it for now, it's not allowed and we are going to try to respect the rules even though we disagree with them.


Second, beyond the expanding website and sales pages we are also have a real logo now (seen above) and this year we began to vend reptile expos!  We completed our first live sales experience at the first ever Saratoga Reptile Expo on May 4, 2019.  It was great!  We will be adding a list of events to the website as well as posting about them here.  There are two events coming up, August 10, 2019 the Reptile Family Expo in Lebanon, PA and September 28, 2019 Saratoga Reptile Expo's fall show in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Links and more info coming soon.


Dan has been starting to fire up the forge, making beautiful metal items. Plus we are helping to support some other artists in offering not only our own creative work but in person expo only sales of vinyl decals from Three Dog Reptiles and necklace pendants made from ethically sourced boa sheds, colored with mica powders, created by Serpent's Design.

Look forward to many updates to come as we work to update this site to better enable all your herp hobby desires!

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