That magic moment…

…When it finally happens, the first eggs from my highly anticipated pairing of Mixcoatl and Chantico!  She took a week of digging in the laybox to decide to deposit them but finally, early last evening she got it done.


Here are the pair, Mixcoatl on the left produced by ZenGex and Chantico on the right produced by Rockstar Geckos.  She is a big girl at over 75g and he is just a bit over 60g on average.

Here are the eggs nestled in the bottom of the lay box (above) and in a hatching tray (below).  The one egg is enormous!

Thats the most exciting news for this week!

in other news, we have added a business phone number at which one can text us or even call, it will soon go on the website more obviously, it’s already on the Facebook page (315)227-BUGS (2847).

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