Porcellio silvestrii

"red" or "ruby"

This is a mid sized isopod from the Mediterranean region.  They vary slightly from dark smokey grey with reddish undertones to bright orange.  Occasionally cream with the adrk head and tail or all white.

Porcellio silvestrii "red"

More photos of these beautiful isopods coming soon.


Porcellio silvestrii


This color form has no pigment giving it a pale yellow to white appearance all over the body and eye.  The color will reproduce itself but the colonies are less hardy than the normal reds and greys.  We are currently keeping them all together.


Porcellio silvestrii



Porcellio silvestrii


Specialized Care:

This species thrives with lots of ventilation a 70/30 dry to wet ratio, and lots of food.


This species can be a prolific breeder when given enough resources.


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