Powdery Blue

Porcellionides pruinosis

This prolific species hails from Europe but due to being adaptable to different climates and highly prolific breeders, they have spread all over.  The P pruinosis have outcompeted the P floria in many areas of the USA as well.

Porcellionides pruinosis variants


Porcellionides pruinosis

"Powdery blue"


Porcellionides pruinosis

"Powdery orange"


Porcellionides pruinosis

"Powdery orange"

Specialized Care:

Food and moisture and these will breed like crazy.


This species makes an excellent member of any vivarium clean up crew.

Be extra careful, these are fast, good hitchhikers, and excellent climbers.  They will take over a culture given any opportunity to proliferate.


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