Philoscia muscorum

"fast woodlouse"

P. muscorum are small and quick, earning them the moniker of "fast woodlouse." They are often found in dark brown, yellow, and reddish brown, always with intricate patterning.

This cool climate species has a diet consists of mostly decaying leaves and grasses though they will benefit from occasional protein supplements within their diet.

P. muscorum

More photos of these beautiful isopods coming soon.







Specialized Care:

Philoscia muscorum needs to be kept cool, 72F or lower is ideal.  Rising temps can cause a full culture crash.

These isopods require decaying leaf matter at all times, hardwoods and grasses.

They also prefer a heavy well mineralized soil and plenty of moisture.


These guys are super fast moving and love to burrow in the mud.  Culture crash is quite common in captive P. muscorum.


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