4 Armadillidium klugii, black with and orange skirt and rows of white and sometimes yellow spots on green moss
Armadillidium klugii "Clown Roly Poly"

Armadillidum klugii

"clown roly poly"

Armadillidium klugii is part of a species complex once thought to be a single species.  A klugii entered the market as Armadillidium sp. "Montenegro" based on where they were collected but recently they have been definitively identified as being Armadillidium klugii scientifically.

This species featured a black shiny shell with a bright red-orange skirt and festive spotting with the ability to roll into a tight ball for defense when startled or threatened, earning them the nickname the "clown roly poly"

A. klugii

More photos of these beautiful isopods.

5 A klugii on green moss


Armadillidium klugi in a defensive curled ball position on moss



Specialized Care:

Armadillidium klugii prefer more airflow than some other species.


Armadillidium klugii are slow growers and produce small crops of young.  Raising them can take more time than some species.


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