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What are Isopods

Cute little crustaceans.  Fun to watch and useful too.

Most people remember playing with "roly poly bugs" as children.  Some types roll up like that and others, often known as sow bugs or potato bugs; slaters in some places; these tiny crustaceans are often mistaken for insects when found in damp places like basements or under leaf litter and logs.  Closely related to shrimp and crabs; these guys require moisture to breath.

Isopods eat all manner of decaying things like vegetation, dead animals, and even poop.  For this reason they make a fantastic addition to terrariums and vivariums as part of the bioactive clean up crew needed to maintain a healthy environment.

What are Springtails?

They are a tiny arthropod that has a "tail" that is curled under their body and when startled it can flick outward giving them the ability to jump away from danger.  This spring like action gives them the common name "springtail." There are many different types of springtails.  The photo at right was taken using a macro lens.  The species shown grows to a maximum of 3mm.

Like the isopods, feeds on decaying matter and also mold and fungi.  They are another common part of terrarium and vivarium bioactive clean up, burrowing into the dirt to eat mold and prevent the vivarium environment from becoming unhealthy.


We Have Them

Over the next few weeks we will be adding pages to the drop menu for each species.  On that species page will be the different color variants we keep.

Update: I'm working to push out pages for each species, at this time they will contain almost no species information.  I will update soon with the info for each species.


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