Read before entering into an agreement to purchase.

Must be 18 or older to purchase.  A parent or guardian can act on behalf of a minor child.

Before purchase we reserve the right to ask any questions needed to determine your experience level and fitness for ownership.  Photos and/or descriptions of the intended enclosure and care may be required. We want our geckos to go to homes that meet the standards of care we expect for our animals; sales may be refused for any reason at any time, potentially including a refund and cancellation if funds have already been accepted at that point.

All sales and holds are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, with seller discretion.


Payment for geckos to be shipped is accepted through PayPal or Square.  In person sales may be transacted in cash as well. Buyer pays actual shipping costs in addition to the purchase price to be quoted before purchase.

All sales are final and 25% of payment made is reserved as a non-refundable down payment for purchase. In a case of buyers remorse, a refund of funds, less the deposit amount, may be made or entire funds paid can be transferred towards the purchase of another gecko in our for sale album.

Payment Plans 

Payment plans are accepted on a case by case basis, at the seller’s discretion.  Payment plans will typically only be considered on animals with a purchase price over $150.  Arrangements are to be  be made and agreed upon with Steel Cut Collaborations in writing only.   The initial payment must be equal to or greater than the 25% non-refundable amount required for all sales. Payment plans are to be completed within a 30 day time frame, unless an exception in terms has been made.  Should a buyer realize they will not be able to complete the payment plan by the agreed upon date, contact to the seller (Steel Cut Collaborations) should be made before the due date for the last payment for a consideration to renegotiate terms or to receive a refund, less the non refundable deposit.  If the payments are not completed by the agreed upon date there will be a message sent to the buyer with a request to contact and send the remaining balance within 7 days.  If we do not receive full payment within that 7 day period the gecko(s) will be made available for general sale and all payments, less the initial 25% non-refundable deposits, will be returned to the account they were paid from.

Payment plans may only be transferred from one gecko to another at the seller’s discretion upon discussion through written communication.


Shipping of geckos is done using FedEx and Reptiles2You, overnight to a hub, or overnight to a home or business location on a discretionary case by case basis.

Appropriate temperatures required for shipping are no lower than 40°F and no higher than 80°F and will apply to the origin, end destination, and expected hubs in between. Carrier delays caused by storm activity and other natural disasters may also delay selection of a date for shipping. This may mean that your gecko may be held in a wait for appropriate shipping weather ranging from weeks to months based on seasonal changes.  Consider the temperatures and other extreme weather conditions before buying and what they mean for the date of shipping. Holding for safe shipping weather will be at no additional cost to the buyer, with the possible exception of times where the buyer has refused shipment during an appropriate weather time causing a required significantly longer than normal hold. Should that happen terms may be discussed ranging from temporary boarding fees to a cancellation of sale and refund less 25%.

Shipping will be done on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays only in hopes to prevent a higher potential of a weekend stuck at a hub.  Occasionally the sellers schedule may also make certain days unavailable for selection. The buyer or an agent acting on behalf of the buyer must be available to receive their gecko(s) on the agreed upon delivery date at home or from the hub.  Failure to receive the gecko(s) immediately puts the animal(s) at risk and voids the live arrival guarantee.

Please update us right away when your gecko has been received. From the moment they leave our hands we are anxious for news of their safe arrival in their new home.

Most geckos arrive to their destination without incident, unfortunately, and unavoidably, some crested geckos will decide to drop their tail during shipping. Crested geckos do not regrow a dropped tail but when kept in clean conditions the stump closes and heals completely with no further intervention needed. Tailless (“frog butt”) geckos lead happy healthy lives. We do not and cannot guarantee that geckos will not drop their tail during the shipping process.  This is one reality of keeping crested geckos and should be understood before purchase.

Should tragedy strike in shipping the buyer must contact Steel Cut Collaborations via email within one (1) hour of the time of delivery or hub pick up as indicated by the carrier tracking to receive a refund or replacement from the live arrival guarantee, all injuries or concerns should also be addressed through email as soon as possible but not before any required immediate assistance is given to the animal. Failure to do so will result in the health guarantee becoming null and void.  Required proof for claim is discussed within the Live Arrival and Health Guarantee.

Live Arrival and Health Guarantee 

All geckos shipped by Steel Cut Collaborations are guaranteed completely healthy to the best of our knowledge.  Any geckos that have abnormalities in anatomy or fitness will have disclosures within their description to be discussed before purchase.  Any health changes before after purchase and before shipping will be disclosed and terms discussed.

All crested geckos offered for sale are captive born and bred.  They have been hatched here and well started or have been in our possession and under our direct observation for at least 61 days before being listed.

While we make every effort to ensure that your gecko(s) arrives to you in excellent condition, if you receive a gecko that is injured, ill, or deceased please contact us as soon as possible.  DOA claims must be made within one (1) hour of delivery or pick up. Video evidence of the deceased animal is required for proof of death for a refund or replacement credit disposal of the animal without video proof of death will render this guarantee null and void. Injury or illness claims must be made within one (1) hour unless urgent life saving or sustaining care requires taking some additional time, the gecko’s safety and health are the utmost priority.  Photos, video, answers to questions regarding package conditions, temperatures, animal appearance, care rendered, etc and any applicable veterinary documentation after receipt of package may be required for proof.  The buyer agrees to hold harmless the seller for any costs of care related to injuries or illness caused by/during shipment of the gecko(s). A full or partial purchase refund, credit, and/or other assistance may be offered at the seller’s discretion only.

This health guarantee does not cover any illness or injuries sustained after arrival including but not limited to: excessive delay in receiving and/or opening the package, improper handling, falls caused by dropping the package or animal, or the animal leaping after removal from the packaging, exposure to extreme temperatures, domestic or wild animal intervention, failing to provide water and/or appropriate nutrition, and any other accident or poor husbandry issues.