Baby Nocturne "snoot lick"
Correlophus Ciliatus
“Crested Gecko” or “Eyelash Gecko”

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We are now keeping several species of geckos!

Correlophus ciliatus or the crested gecko, sometimes sold as "Eyelash geckos."  Currently our only gecko breeding project.

Mniarogekko chahoua a larger New Caledonian arboreal species.  Known as the Mossy Gecko or simply Chewies.  We have one Mainland and one Pine Island.  We will eventually add appropriate mates for each.

Rhacodactylus auriculatus, the Gargoyle Gecko.  A little larger than a crested gecko.  Just one pair for now looking at potentially breeding for 2021.

Eurydactylodes vieillardi, Vieillardi's Chameleon gecko.  One of the smallest New Caledonian species reaching 5 to 6" in total length.

Lepidodactylus lugubris, the Mourning Gecko.  We currently have at least two locales of mourning geckos.  These are parthenogenic (no males, only females) so viable eggs will happen eventually.

Looking to add a crestie to your life?

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