Available Isopods

Isopods ae now available to ship to the continental USA and Alaska.  Some species restrictions apply.

Shipping rates through USPS Priority (or add $25 to the Priority price for Priority express)

Up to 4 species $16  ~  Up to 8 species $20

multiple purchases of the same species will be shipped together in a single container.  Separate containers are available upon request but will be counted as a separate species for packing and shipping purposes

For shipping larger numbers of containers, request a quote.

Shipping is Monday through Wednesday as weather and schedule permits.  A phase 22, cold pack, and/or heat pack may be added in the case of extreme temps.  Please advise at the time of purchase if your area will be above 95F or Below 40F during the delivery window.

Live arrival guaranteed.*  If the buyer does not receive the promised number of isopods per culture a 30 second video of the deceased isopods must be provided within one hour of delivery.  Seller will reship or refund at our discretion.

*buyers in Alaska must elect to use Express shipping for the live arrival guarantee.

Porcellio laevis "Dairy Cow"

10 for $20

Porcellio laevis "Orange"

10 for $15

Oniscus asellus "Maple B.C."

10 for $100

Porcellionides pruiosis "Powdery Blue"

15 for $10

Venezillo parvus "little Roly Poly"

10 for $10

Cylisticus convexus

12 for $6

Porcellio spatulatus

10 for $100

Armadillidium klugii "Montenegro"

10 for $40

Armadillidium vulgare "Black and Orange Dalmatian Mix"

10 for $80

Porcellionides pruinosis "Powdery Orange"

15 for $10

Trichorina tomentosa "Dwarf White"

20 for $5

Springtails starters $5

Buyers in the USA lower 48 and Alaska only.

Payment through PayPal.  NY residents must add 8% sales tax.

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