Who is behind Steel Cut Collaborations?

smiling dark haired middle aged slightle heavyset woman with glasses. Bust style photo
Val O'Neil, owner

dark haired man sits looking at dog with a slight smile.  Dog, white with color around eye and ear sits to his right looing at man
Dan O'Neil, collaborator, and Finn

Steel Cut Collaborations is a sole proprietorship run by Valerie O'Neil located in Oswego County upstate NY, USA.  The collaboration is with my husband Daniel O'Neil though at this time his schedule is otherwise too full with his career to yet be a true business partner, so the vast majority of the business decisions are mine to make.

Why "Steel Cut"?  Well, the name encompasses the organic element of my animal and nature pursuits while he is working with metal, mostly types of steel.

Dan and I have been together for 19 years and married for 14 of them.  We both have a variety of hobbies and interests.  With his support and occassional assistance I have worked with many types of animals, rabbits, chickens, fish and other aquatics, and now isopods, geckos, and cockroaches.

One common bond we share is art, though we both express our creativity in different ways.  His current creative pursuits are in metal working, though he is also good with a paintbrush.  I do more with animals and digital art, most recently applying my designs to laser etched wooden keychains and jewelry, as well as dabbling in remake and repaint of  model horses.