Porcellio expansus

"orange skirt"

One of the larger Porcellio species, expansus is a formidable isopod.  These isopods need a lot of space to spend their time.  Their yellow to orange outer skite, dark base, and white back markind make them visually appealing.  The males are known to spar and even sometimes fight to the death as well as consuming the young if they catch them out wandering.  Having many places to hide and plenty of food sources provided can help prevent some of the problem as well as maintaining a good female to male ratio.

Porcellio expansus "orange skirt"

More photos of these beautiful isopods coming soon.







Specialized Care:

Porcellio expansus need space, good ventilation, about 80/20 dry to wet area, multiple food sites, and a lot of hiding areas.


Expansus males may fight causing injury or even death if they are forced to encounter each other at feeding and breeding sites.  This species is known to be cannibalistic, providing protein and lots of places for young to hide can help keep these problems at bay.


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