Isopoda sp. dwarf purple

This tiny species is one of a group of tropical dwarf woodlice that burrow into the dirt cleaning up organic waste making them a popular addition to terrarium and vivarium clean up crews.  The picture below with a normal US penny coin shows a large adult, the babies are much smaller and lighter in color.

Dwarf Purples

More photos of these tiny isopods.







Specialized Care:

Dwarf purples are fairly simple tolerating everything from wet tropical to temperate and fairly dry conditions.


Dwarf purples are very tiny.  When buyers receive a culture they are often not prepared for how small they are.  The babies are difficult to make out with the eye.  If you order dwarf purples be prepared to receive very small isopods.

These guys also burrow deep into the dirt.  It is not at all unusual to feel like one is "feeding a box of dirt" for the first month or more before the population numbers become high enough to concentrate into a smaller area more.


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