Baby Nocturne "snoot lick"
Correlophus Ciliatus
“Crested Gecko” or “Eyelash Gecko”
Umabel produced by Kat's Gecks

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Here at Steel Cut Collaborations I am working with high quality, high contrast harlequins and extremes, focusing on black, red, and tricolor bases, pinstripes and partial pinners.  Additionally I have a Dalmatian/super Dalmatian project.

What are Crested Geckos?

Correlophus ciliatus or the crested gecko, sometimes sold as "Eyelash geckos" are a fairly small species found in the wilds of New Caledonia.  The species was thought to be extinct for many years but was rediscovered in the 1990's and introduced to the pet trade.  It is unknown how long the crested gecko lifespan is but some of the first collected into the hobby are still alive today and have already surpassed 20 years old.

The crested gecko is an arboreal species that prefers to have more vertical space and requires lots of hiding places, which can be provided by fake or real plants.  They are soft to the touch and fairly easy to care for.  Some are personable, tolerating handling, and some prefer to be left alone in their enclosure.  They are a good choice pet for people who would like an eye catching herp with beginner level care requirements and minimal handling needs.

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