Cylisticus convexus

"curly isopod"

Cylisticus convexus is a fast moving smaller isopods species.  When startled they curl into a tight crescent and drop and roll to attempt escape.  They are characterized by their ability to tuck as well as having 5 white pleopodal lungs visible on their underside.  In isopod keeping they are an underrated species as their speed and prolific ability to reproduce makes them a fun species to observe.

C. convexus

More photos of these beautiful isopods.  At this time there are no color morphs of this species available on the market.






Specialized Care:

Cylisticus convexus like a damp substrate and something to climb on.

Cylisticus convexus prefer lower temperatures doing best in the low 70-75F range.  Die offs may occur at higher temperatures.


Cylisticus convexus will thrive with little keeper effort.


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