Chewie, chewie

We have two resident Mniarogekko chahoua geckos here now.  Not a pair, one is a mainland locale and the other is a Pine Islands locale. Like the crested geckos, chahoua are from New Caledonia, an island nation west of Australia.  The “mossy gecko” is a master at blending in. Sometimes also called Chewies by hobbyists, the two locales have subtle feature differences and the pine islands chahoua often have a white or light green patch of scales over the nape of their neck known as a collar.  Chahoua are slightly larger than crested geckos and grip very tightly to whatever they grab onto.

Above “Peach Lane,” a young Pine Island M. chahoua clings to my hand below it nearly disappears against a cork slab

Below “A Chahoua Has No Name” sits for a photo, he is a mainland male

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