Niambia capensis

"dwarf party mix"

This species is found here in the USA.  They have at least 3 different colors produced within the colony, cream, tan, and purple, some individuals show some of both colors.  They are hardy, can withstand substrate that is more dry but also thrive in the wet.  They do like good ventilation.  N. capensis is larger than dwarf purples or whites though perhaps a little less prolific.

N. capensis

More photos of these beautiful isopods coming soon.



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Specialized Care:

Niambia capensis like good ventilation for best results supply a good amount of moisture.


Niambia capensis are good at climbing if bin or vivarium sides are dirty.

They also are a burrowing species and may disappear deep into the substrate in the beginning making one feel like they have died off.  As the population grows they will be more apparent out exploring their tiny world.


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