Porcellio bolivari bolivari

Porcellio bolivari bolivari

At this time we do not currently keep this species any longer.  I hope to add these beauties back to the collection eventually however.

P. bolivari bolivari is probably my most favorite large isopod species but also has proven rather difficult for me to culture and keep.  They like a lot of fresh air, low temps, with areas of wet while also having plenty of dry places too.  The species is also highly cannibalistic if their high protein needs are not met.

P. bolivari are cream to yellow in color with dark markings between the edges of their sections giving them an almost skeletal appearance. The males have long uropods that sweep along behind them.  The females are shorter and they tend to have a wider body.

Porcellio bolivari

More photos of these beautiful isopods coming soon.






juvenile Porcellio bolivari bolivari


Specialized Care:

Good airflow, mostly dry with damp areas offered, and plenty of protein are all musts for this species.


Porcellio bolivari bolivari have proven to be my unicorn. I have tried and failed at keeping them twice.  Eventually I will give it a third try but right now they are not part of the collection.


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