Oniscus asellus

"skirted isopod"

Oniscus asellus are one of the larger species that can be found naturalized in the USA. They are characterized by their wide white skirt and no visible "white lungs" underneath.

This species is one of the few species that will be found in both hardwood and softwood dominated areas. They are a clinging species typically freezing in place before opting to run.  They can often be found in large gatherings under rotting wood.

O. asellus

Color variations we keep of the “skirted Isopod”


Oniscus asellus

 "High Yellow"

A lovely example of a high yellow O. asellus individual.  Hopefully one day we can get the high yellow trait solidified in the line.

2 white isodods with black and slight irridescent yellow spots

Oniscus asellus

"Mardi Gras Dalmatian"

Pics soon.  This variety has a white shell with black dalmatian spotting.  Some individuals show larger yellow flecks and others less.


Oniscus asellus

"Maple B.C."

This line of orange colored asellus comes from Trevor Smith in British Colombia, Canada.  They are stunning in person.

Unpigmented skirted isopod, pale with faint irridescent yellow spots

Oniscus asellus


This line of asellus lacks all shell pigment. The amount of yellow varies as in any asellus color.  These come from Trevor Smith in British Colombia, Canada.

Orange skirted isopod wih irridescent yellow spots

Oniscus asellus

"Maple Orange"

This line of asellus was the first orange appearing O. asellus line to be introduced to the USA.  Imported from Canada and proven out by Bo Syrony.

Specialized Care:

Oniscus asellus like wet substrate and a dry place to climb as well as good ventilation.

Oniscus asellus like a diet high in wood fiber.


Oniscus asellus are a clinging species, they often prefer to freeze or fall stiff on their backs feigning death rather than run to escape.  Always give them a chance to relax before assuming they have perished.


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