Welcome to the official Steel Cut Collaborations page. Here you will find the workshop projects, geckos, isopods, and other critters, as well as hand forged items, art, and sometimes supplies.  This page is a work in progress but have a browse around and if you have any questions please email info@steelcutcollaborations.com

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Currently keeping more than 50 types of isopods

Isopods are tiny terrestrial crustaceans closely related to crabs and shrimp.  Many people remember them as roly polys or sow bugs from their childhood and basements.  Most are amazed at the variety of species available in the hobby.  They are good for collectors, bioactive terrariums, and as a supplemental feeder; being high in calcium and low in phosphorus.

Feed your Isopod addiction

Crested Geckos

Venture into the world of New Caledonian lizards.  Correlophus ciliatus or the Crested Gecko is a beautiful and interesting reptile.  Sometimes called "Eyelash Geckos" due to the crest that extends soft spikes above their eyes.

You probably need another gecko.

Dan's Workshop

Featuring: welding, blacksmithing, and woodworking too.

Check out his hand forged items when we vend at  expos!



Springtails are tiny Arthropoda that can jump short distances when startled.  They help control mold in isopod containers and bioactive vivariums and make a good feeder choice for some of the smaller baby herps.

We have Sinella curviseta, the tropical pink springtail in nearly all of our isopods enclosures.  There are also small silvers, a more temporate white species, a tiny white species, and occasionally "snow fleas" pop up.

Ask about springtails to add on to isodods orders.


Supplies are being added behind the scenes and will be open for buying by the end of November 2019!  Check back soon for brand name supplies for your isopods, geckos, and more!


When the whim arises pieces of art sometimes occur.

This section is going to see an expansion very soon.  Watch for a limited selection of our  laser burned original art wood jewelry and keychains coming soon!

Steel Cut Collaborations is a blend of geckos, isopods, springtails, and other inverts for collectors and bioactive vivaria, supplies, art, and the workshop items that come from our creative minds.


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